Our Handmade Wedding

So here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for – Wedding Recap!

Kat & Chris on Bridge

The traditional guest book was replaced by my Montgomery Ward Signature typewriter. A rummage sale find from my lovely bridesmaid Kym (who is also very good at making yarn pom poms!)


Programs – Made by me

My Veil – Made By Me


Bethany making a bow

Blue Pearl Necklaces and Earrings – Made By Me

Kat & Kym

The Bridesmaids bouquets were put together by Meredith, Rachel, and I. Each was a single, very realistic looking, fake flower, wrapped in pale blue ribbon and I added little tags with their initials.
Nate & Meredith


Adam & Nancy

Boutonnieres/Corsages – I must have made about 20 different ones!

box of flowers


Adam's bouttonierre

Chris' boutonniere
Tom's boutonniere
Nate with Grandmothers

Grandma Doris' boutonniere
Gramdma and Grandpa Jacobs

Bouquet & Cake – Made By Rachel Balk

Bridal Boquet

Wedding Cake

Cake Serving

Yes, I made my own confetti. Obviously I am crazy. Chris and I hand cut so many sheets of paper I almost had blisters from the scissors. In the end, it looked fabulous and was such a great way to recycle the scraps from my craft projects.

Confetti Cup
Confetti throwing
My Mother and Sister headed up the centerpiece making. We collected jars from food throughout the year, then wrapped them in yard. Meredith meticulously crafted the tissue paper pom poms and taught us her technique so we could help out. And I had tons of help from Kym and Bethany making yarn pom poms.

My Flower Girl pulled double duty and also carried the rings. I took an old copy of Heidi because it matched my color scheme so well, and cut out a hole inside for the rings to sit in. I also made her a tiny pearl necklace. And of course, I hand punched all of the paper flowers she scattered.

My Mother sewed the adorable aisle runners.

I just love this banner! I cut out the letters, painted them, and covered them in tiny clear marbles, which are a great alternative to glitter. It is going to hang over our bed at home.

We even got our guests into the spirit with a make your own favor table. Glass jars full of pretty sweets rested atop stacks of books, inviting guests to scoop them into neat little favor bags. My bridesmaids punched circles and strung them onto the bags, and yes, I hand stamped the design onto all of them. My flower girl’s parents took charge of the pretzel dipping, which turned out beautiful and tasty!

For the kids, I sewed some very simple little coloring books together, and paired them with little tubes of colored pencils.

All of the photos you have seen were taken by my dear friend Kevin Sherman.

To view the rest of them here.

3 thoughts on “Our Handmade Wedding”

  1. Your wedding was so beautiful!

    I’m not engaged or even in a relationship at the moment, but I’ll be filing away in my mind some of the lovely creative concepts to possibly use/tweak to my own liking if I’m ever blessed to get married one day.

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


    1. I truly appreciate the compliment! Please do keep me in mind when that day comes, as I am always up for custom jobs too!


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