Urban Folk Circuit

I just got accepted as a seller for the Urban Folk Circuit this March at Reggie’s Rock Club! It’s not that far away, and there is so much to do! This weekend I assembled a whole forest’s worth of Mushroom ornaments. I also started to embellish some giant mushrooms that I have been saving for a special occasion. I have been collecting baby food jars from various people to create some tiny terrariums with. Once I get the residue from the labels off I can get started assembling a lot more of them. Because of their delicate nature, I never list any of my terrariums in my Etsy shop, or send them to my retail locations for fear of them getting destroyed in the mail, so I am very excited to have a venue where I can make them available! I will also be screen printing more of my best selling Keep Calm and Call Your Mom posters, this time in a half size format at a slightly lower cost than previously. I think that the smaller size will come out cleaner when printed, and hopefully lower the shipping charges and be much easier to package. They should be a bit easier to frame too, though still not really a standard size. Of course, I will also be bringing along my lasercut necklaces and earrings. I have so many more designs than what is represented in my etsy shop, so be sure to come check it out! I will be posting more of my projects and products as the fair gets closer, so check back!

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