Kitchen Upgrade

I just found the perfect bowls for our home, and of course they come from Target. I fell in love with these instantly. I have always loved old hobnail dishes, but this way there is no worry about the ceramic being weakened from years of use, or signs of crazing and discoloration. It is a fresh start with a vintage appearance, and it fits in perfect with my whole aesthetic.

Most of my dishes already come from Target. During late High school and through college my mother helped me to seek out fantastic clearance deals and start collecting for my future home. I stuck to black, white and red, those being my favorites at the time, and also knowing that I wanted a retro themed kitchen someday. I managed to get two sizes of plates as well as what what my husband calls “plate bowls” in gingham and polkadot for a steal @ 50-75% off. I also bought some plaid pieces from the Christmas season a few years back, but with no green in them you would never guess they were for the holidays! That same holiday season I bought red chargers for a song. There was also a time when they had a dollar spot selection of black, red and white travel themed kitchen accessories, at which time I purchased some small bowls for 25 cents each.

A great collection, but my husband complains that these “plate bowls” are too wide and shallow for soup, cereal, and even ice cream. We have been using the travel bowls for these foods, but they are small, and the ceramic edges are so heavy and thick, that there is not even less room inside than they appear to have. So many people thought it was crazy that I had stacks of unopened dishes squirreled away in my closet when I was still just living with my parents, but it has paid off. One college roommate of mine managed to break 8 plates, 1 glass, and a large mixing bowl (all in one day) and there have of course been a few other casualties over the years. I have always been glad at those times that I had been thrifty and stocked up. A broken $0.25 glass here and there does not devastate me.

I love mixing and matching my dishes. This is often a must if you are collecting vintage pieces. I collect Jadeite, but I don’t have enough of it to complete more than one place setting. White dishes make a perfect filler for those incomplete sets. You can put them with everything!



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