Thrift Score!

I used my birthday coupon from Goodwill to get an even better discount on this lovely piece:

It was part of the recent Missoni for Target collection. I have to laugh every time people go crazy for the special collections at Target. You hear horror stories of cities where people were pushing and shoving, stealing items from each other’s carts, and then it is sold out in a matter of hours. Well, out here in the ‘burbs these collections hang around for months! They go through several rounds of markdowns until it finally gets dumped at Goodwill (which I like to refer to as the Target Outlet.) Every Goodwill by me has a stack of these ottomans or “poufs” as they call them. Originally priced at $99, I read one review where the blogger noted that she bought her’s online (before the sell-out that crashed the site) and that they were now on ebay for $200-$250. I paid $22.50 for mine! I will say it is a sturdy piece of furniture, worth much more than what I paid even if it wasn’t from a big name designer. It makes for a lovely reading nook!

In my last post I mentioned getting Isaac Mizrahi dishes on clearance. I bought a ton of other stuff from that collection too: a large suitcase, rolling duffle bag, lamp, jewelry organizer, blanket, jacket, and dress. I did not pay full price for any of them. All were at least 50% marked down. Sometimes it pays to live in the suburbs.

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