Craft Fair Recap

Today’s Craft fair turned out to be a bit of a let down. The weather was not very pleasant, and the location was not in a very bustling part of town. I would estimate that there were about 30 shoppers that showed up, and 75% of them were friends of the vendors. It definitely made me question how widely the event had been publicized by the organization, and considering that I paid to participate and drove an hour from home it was quite a disappointment. I also have not been included in any of the recap photos on their website or Facebook page.

After paying for my booth, gas, and parking for this event I barely broke even. It looked like most of the other vendors had the same problem.


There were some spectacular vendors there, and I did have a few friendly customers, so I am excited that I got to share my work with them. The highlight for m was getting to know my booth neighbors, Sweet Vi’s, a couple from Addison, IL selling handmade soaps. They had a great display and made the whole area smell fantastic. They even gave me one of their soaps, which is exactly what I needed for the deer dish Chris’s uncle gave to me! So thanks again to Sweet Vi’s. You really brightened an otherwise dreary day. I hope to cross paths with you again!

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