Where I’ve Been

I promised not to vanish from the blogoshpere, and then I up and did just that. I am truly sorry for that, but I hope that the following posts will explain things a little more.

In December of 2012 we bought a house. After months of hunting, and 4 attempts to purchase different homes, we finally closed on an adorable 1961 ranch house. We could see the potential through the 80’s decor and serious need of cleaning, but it was going to take some time and effort. Which brings me to where I have been and what I have been doing there.

Here is a picture of our house just after we bought it. The front lawn is much better looking now that all the plants are in bloom. We closed on December 21 and planned to move all of our stuff in on December 30, giving us about one week to clean, paint, install new flooring, and of course celebrate Christmas. Of course, it meant sleeping on the floor for several nights and still going to our jobs a few of those days. What a week that was!


I’d like to give you a little before and after tour of our household transformation process. Let’s start with the living room. If you look at the far right edge of the above picture you will see we wasted no time taking out the existing carpet. Then came scrubbing and painting the walls.



The color is called Gray Squirrel, how cute! We finished up the painting and had laminate flooring installed in the living room, hallway, and my studio. Painting the trim would be put off for several weeks, since, as you can imagine, we were a little burned out. Here is the final result:

living room copy



Of course, I waited quite some time to finally sit down and blog about the house and by now we are swapping out fome of the furniture and doing a little redecorating. I will post pictures once that project is wrapped up, but first I want to show you more of the house. Stay tuned for more posts on our adventures in first time home ownership!

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