A Peek Down the Hall


As we continue our tour, let me direct you don the hall. We pretty much changed everything here. Since this leads right off of the living room, so we continued the laminate flooring and gray wall color, as well as the white painted trim. The closet doors and my studio door received the white treatment. Of course, fun accessories are a must, such as new door knobs on the closet, lots of photos and art, and a new light fixture. The only thing that remains the same is that hideous pie shaped thing I am sure you are wondering about. That is the vent for our whole house fan, which I am told is a glorious thing to have, but I am not going to try until we have had a good duct cleaning. Chris says the shape reminds him of  Trivial Pursuit.


Did you notice the white rabbit statue in my previous living room post? Well, this could turn into a Where’s Waldo type of game because Alice influence really is all over the house if you take time to look. (Wait until we get to my studio!) This White Rabbit portrait by the Black Apple is one of my favorite pieces.


I finally decided what to put in this black frame! If you take a peek at one of my living room shot you can see it had some plaid paper in it previously. It was sort of a placeholder until I found the perfect thing. I happened to have this beautiful fabric that my Mother-in-law gave to me, which I have been hoarding until I found the perfect project for. It worked out perfectly, and really fits in with the color of the hallway as well as tying in with the bedroom and Chris’ office which are on either side.


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