The Master Bedroom

Ah, the master bedroom. This room turned out to be much bigger than I thought when we originally saw the house. The previous owner had lined the walls with furniture and a king size bed, making it seem quite tiny. I was pleasantly surprised when we put our furniture in and still had plenty of room to walk around.


I have to point out that so far, June has photo-bombed every one of my shoots. I did not actually pose her myself for any of these. If I try to take her picture, she is horrible and will not face me, but if I am paying attention to something else she just can’t stay away. What a goof.

As you can see below, this room was originally pink. Not a good pink, but a dingy 80s washed out pink. I didn’t even realize it was pink until after we bought it because the room was so dark and crowded. We did three walls with an off-white color and a plum accent wall. I have to give Chris the credit on this one. Purple is not a color I ever think to use, but he loves it. He came up with the colors for this room and his office and really hit it out of the park.


We left the woodwork alone in this room as well and it looks great. Thank goodness! Painting trim has got to be the most difficult and tedious part of redecorating. (I still have a couple of spots left to do in my studio that I have been putting off.)


We absolutely love our bed, which has been a slow upgrade over the last two years. I bought a new Simmons Beauty Rest mattress right before we got married, then we later purchased this upholstered frame from World Market.


I have to say that there are some good deals to be had a WM. There are quite a few items with outrageously high prices, but then there are some surprisingly low ones too. This bed cost a lot less than many similar headboards, and included a footboard and side panels. Plus, you can get discounts by signing up for their free rewards program, which took about $40 off of the cost of this bed. Score! I did well on the Nate Berkus bedding too. Target has two different options online for printing coupons, and you can stack them. I was able to find two different percentage off coupons to use on this set, and it is unbelievably comfy! Next, I need to buy new pillows. Ours are looking, and feeling, bad.


Our dresser is a perfect fit! It is from the Broyhill Brasilia collection, which I am enamored with. You just don’t see this kind of character in most furniture today, and not to mention quality craftsmanship. You can probably tell already that we have an affinity for all things vintage. Our home was built in 1961, but did not have quite the flair one might expect for that time period. Most things appear to have been upgraded in the 80s, which was, in my opinion, the worst decade in terms of decorating or style in general. I like the feeling that I am reuniting more appropriate pieces with our swingin’ 60s ranch house. Broyhill began manufacturing their Brasilia line in 1962, so it is right at home here.


I know it is hard to stop staring, but we really should move on now.


More Alice. I told you, she is everywhere in this house.

I absolutely love old paint by numbers, and I know I am not alone. These things have become crazy collectible, but I lucked out a few years back and scored four unusual ones, with frames, for free at an estate sale. I have to admit, they were not in great shape. Most had some amount of water damage, but still look fantastic to me. I decided to cut one apart and get crafty. The little deer was the best part, and seemed a bit out of place with the rest of the scenery. When I showed my Mother that I had cut one up, she gasped, but had to admit that the finished product was an improvement. What with the purple and brown tones, you would think I bought it special for this room, but sometimes things just work out that nicely on their own.


Now we are a little more than halfway done with the first floor. Our house has two full baths, and while they are very exciting to have, they are not much to look at. (Let’s refer back to my 1980s upgrades comment.) So I will be skipping over those, and our next stop will be my office/studio, followed by the kitchen.

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