My Office/Studio

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. A detailed look at my favorite room in the house –


My Studio!


You may feel a cuteness overload. I assure you, that is normal. There is a lot to take in, and you could walk in here every day and still see something new, which I love. I like to surround myself with interesting objects to draw inspiration from. Here you will fin work from some of my favorite artists such as The Black Apple, One Canoe Two, Liz Born, and Starshaped Press. This is also the nucleus of my alice collection. All those books on top of my hutch are copies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the looking Glass, or some other Alice related book; there are 50+ in my collection. I enjoy seeing all  different artists interpretation of the characters, or fancy cover art, which is why I have so many.


Some of you will recognize the garland from my wedding. My mother made that for me. Too cute!


I painted the back of the door red for an added pop of color amongst all the gray and white. You can see that we continued the laminate flooring of the living room and hallway into this room as well. Carpet would not have been very functional in here.


The closet had no doors when we bought it, but there were metal tracks from a previous bifold door. I thought that replacing it would be a hassle, and not very convenient with the other door right there, so I went with a fabric curtain.


Many of my crafty friends rave about the table when they realize it has a built in light box. It is extremely convenient, especially paired with the legs that enable it to become a drafting table. I used the drafting function a lot when I was in school, but this space is a little tight and I had to scoot the legs in closer, so they are not fastened to the top anymore.


I searched long and hard for the perfect mid century hutch to paint and put in my studio. I really liked the idea of being able to see my tiny treasures and supplies, but protect them from the inevitable dust layer of open shelving. I especially like the basket weave  panels at the bottom.


I strategically placed the white rabbit portrait across from my studio so I can look out at him.




The springer spaniel portrait still cracks me up. The colors and pose remind me of old illustrations of Jesus. Somber and regal, staring toward the heavens with long flowing dark hair. When I saw it at Viking Thrift, I knew I had to have it.


Whew! That is a lot to take in, huh? Thanks for stopping by! Next time, I will take you to the kitchen, my second favorite spot.

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