The Kitchen


This is a room that we would love to remodel, but that is just too big a project for now. I have done my best to distract from the obvious problems with my plentiful eye candy objects. We toyed with the idea of painting the cabinets, but I’m just not sure they are in good enough shape to put forth that effort.


There are some things you don’t really notice about a house until you move in and start cleaning up. I thought the kitchen was just dirty. I stood there staring at a spot on the wall thinking it needed to be scrubbed, then as my eye moved around the room it all looked dingy. It began to sink in that it was actually painted on. They used off white, with a darker off white sponged over it.

It was like the scene in Charade when James Coburn and Cary Grant have a mystery solving epiphany in the middle of the street fair. They spin around, the camera zooms in on all the surrounding evidence, and the music sounds dun duun duun duuun! All of the walls are covered in a dirt colored sponge texture and to my horror, they did it on the ceiling too! AHHH! I’ll just say it, I am not a fan of textured paint treatments. I very rarely see them pulled off well, and this kitchen is no exception. Fortunately it isn’t super obvious until you stare at it for a while and, as I said, I distract with eye candy.


Chris’ grandmother’s hutch holds my most sacred of collections, the Jadeite.


The majority of it resides behind these protective glass doors, but you can find it sprinkled throughout the kitchen as well. Most recently I have been installing mug hooks to get my stacks of Fire King D handles out of the cupboard and ready to use.


I don’t discriminate against reproductions when it comes to Jadeite. My old and new pieces blend together quite well. Jane Ray is the name of the main pattern that I collect, but I am not picky. I like having a variety of shapes and textures. The older pieces are definitely the most fun to find. The two swirl bowls belonged to my grandparents. They are a highlight in my collection – the only pieces with family history. My mother grew up with them, I grew up with them, and now my grandmother passed them on to me so that I can continue to use them in my home.


They sure look nice on our new table too! We are crazy about this beauty we got from Viking Thrift. Antique porcelain with a slide out leaf, and a drawer! It takes up much less room than our old table, and really makes a statement. The chairs were a craigslist find – a perfect match and down right comfy too.


See that phone in the lower photo? That’s no land line, it’s an intercom that goes to the garage! We really don’t have much use for this, but it is a fun novelty.


I call this my kitchen inspiration piece. It captures the essence of what how I want my kitchen to feel – blissful and retro. You can find a lot of similar items in my kitchen – picnic basket, thermoses, gingham, jadeite, and even some tiny flowers.


This is my rainbow corner. I’ve never seen anyone with a toaster like mine. I always wanted a vintage chrome one, but when I saw this I just couldn’t resist. I got it when Linen’s n’ Things closed down, so I paid a tiny fraction of it’s original price. My fabulous “Majestic Yellow” kitchen aid mixer was an estate sale find. It was practically new, complete with the original attachments, but  I paid less than half the retail price. It is one of my best scores for sure.


Plenty of good display space above the cabinets, but a bit hard to photograph. The blue section is my favorite.




Our wish list for the kitchen includes: painting the walls a nice Jadeite green to match my prized dishes, plain white ceiling, sparkly black counter top, white tile backsplash, white cabinets, and a much needed refinish to the wood floor. So whether the cabinets get a coat of paint or we completely replace them, it would be silly to do any of the other things first. The kitchen will stay as it is for a while. Hey, it’s big, functional, and pretty cute for now.

That concludes our tour of the main floor. Perhaps some day I will continue with the basement, but for now this is where I am going to stop. Thanks for tuning in! I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my home.

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