Estate Sale Mega Card Haul!


I like to go to estate sales on the last day, when they are slashing prices. I found a few scandinavian goodies, some paper coasters and a dala horse deck of cards.


I was drawn to this tiny box because of the graphics, but once I read the fine print I was even more excited about it. This is a souvenir ash tray from a 1933 automobile expo in Chicago.


This egg cup has such a sweet rosy cheeked face! It must have had a spoon with it at some point, as there is a little hole on the side.


The best part is this cigar box full of miscellaneous vintage playing cards. There are over 500 cards in here!


It is way too many cards to try to photograph at once, but here are some of the highlights.


Did you see that spaniel in the corner? This is my favorite card. She looks just like my June!




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