Christmas Crafting!

I have been kicking it into full gear to get ready for the holidays!


You can look forward to all kinds of new items in the shop, including supplies and vintage items! I have made good use of the vintage candle clips I bought at an estate sale.
Wish I would have scooped up more! All of these beauties will be hitting my shop very soon.





My press is getting festive too!


I have been meaning to make these for a long time. I love how they are turning out!



So far, I have not listed many of my more elaborate pieces like these in the shop because they are so delicate and I fear they will be destroyed in the mail.
I have many dioramas and terrariums that only come out for in person sales, which I do not do very often. They do make good gifts though!



I have to give  shout out to Meyer Imports for being such a great source for many of my supplies. They are such a nice business! They really treat their customers like old friends, and I love that about them. A lot of their products are new old stock, which is pretty cool. I like to keep things vintage when possible. The majority of my supplies, come from thrift stores and estate sales. I love the hunt!

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