Ready for the Holidays

Halloween is over, and now half of my Christmas decorations are up. I normally wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but last year we bought a house on December 20. We started sorting and packing in October, so my Christmas decorations never made it out. Our fabulous realtor gave us a Christmas wreath for our door, so at least we had something! This year, I am making up for it.


This is my favorite part of the decor. Later, our tree will be put up to the left, in place of the chair. The milk glass really stands out with all the red accents.


I am so excited for our first official Christmas in our new house. Last year we “celebrated” by scrubbing, painting, and scraping, then sleeping on what little floor space was not torn up. We took a break from that to go to my parents house on Christmas day, but we were so exhausted and dazed it feels like it didn’t happen. This year, we are off to a much better start for the season!


We are so happy to be settled in, and loving our little house!

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