Estate Sale Digging

This weekend I went to two sales in tight, maze-like houses. There were narrow stairs, tons of people, and mountains of stuff.

The first sale was small, and picked over. I only got a few things.


The hat needs work, and I don’t know if I can even get it clean. I don’t have a lot of experience with wool felt, but it has no holes or issues besides the stains, so for 75¢, I took a risk.

The bigger sale was a digger. There were so many un-sorted boxes. I came out with some real goodies.


The furry thing draped over the box is actually a mink collar. This is something I never thought I would own. I am not into the whole animal pelt thing. I will spare you my soap box rant about animal rights. However, while digging through boxes of christmas decoration in an attic, I discovered it and thought I ought to rescue it. An animal died to make that collar, why let it get destroyed? I had intended to make a (faux)fur collar for my coat, but this one is perfect, just needs a little freshening up.

I was happy to get a handful of good Christmas craft supplies. I can put those to use right away. There was a giant box of the wooden cut outs. They were handmade by someone who lived in the house. The tiny storks and camel are birthday candle holders. So fun!


The bank and the planter are probably my favorites.



I also found a nice shelf for my kitchen. It is already painted white and has grooves for plates, major bonus for the kitchen. My ingredient containers from the first sale will look great on here. I plan to add hooks or a dowel rod to the bottom for hanging towels and utensils.


And now I go back to my studio for more Christmas crafting!

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