California: Parts 1 & 2

Back in September Chris and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a California adventure! First stop Disneyland, then a visit to the desert with Grandma, and exploring L.A. with the cousins! Disneyland was magical, of course! I did not take my fancy camera with me on this trip, so there are not many photos to show.



::sigh:: I wish I could go back again and again! After 2 magical Disney days, we went with Grandma to ride the Palm Springs Tram, and experience the desert for the first time ever. Just our luck, it rained, and was 50˚! I was freezing in my sun dress, but the experience was great anyway. The next day we were off to L.A. for a whirlwind tour of the city sights. We swam in the ocean, ate at delicious restaurants, and did a lot of sight seeing.

Chris’ relatives were such great hosts, we just had to go back for more fun in January to celebrate Grandma’s birthday. It was great to escape the harsh Illinois winter! Even though the locals thought the 65˚/70˚ weather was too chilly, we were living it up! The showed us the more relaxed side of life in the city, with leisurely strolls and more delicious food. We didn’t want to come back home! The highlight was our trip to the Getty Center! Beautiful artwork inside, beautiful scenery outside. This time, I had my good camera.


We can’t wait to visit California again!

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