Welcome to the Future!

I avoided getting on the smart phone bandwagon for a long time, but now I am on board! I try to be frugal in all aspects of my life, and I hang on to my electronics until they are absolutely non functional. (I still have my first and only CD walkman from 1999, and my 2006 ipod!) After being so careful trying to pick out good “basic” phones, they turned out to be very disappointing. We used them for 2 years, waiting for the contracts to end, and paying way more than we should have for what we were getting, but I still maintained that I did not need a fancy phone. When we found out we could switch providers and get smart phones for less than what we were currently paying, my attitude changed, and now I am a believer. It has become such a handy tool for managing social media and email. I love being able to use Instagram to post my thrifting and crafting adventures. Follow Me for more great eye candy and fun updates!

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 10.19.04 PM

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