A Vintage Makeover

If you are a regular blog reader or pinterest enthusiast, I am sure you have seen this all over the place:


The Ikea RÅSKOG cart! Beautiful, isn’t it? Industrial look, great color, functional, easy to move, and even better, the price has gone down quite a bit since it first debuted. It currently retails for $49.99, making it a pretty affordable piece. Even still, I am a bargain hunter, vintage lover, and I can’t resist a project so when I saw a chance to make my own alternative I took it!

Last week I found a beautiful plant stand at an estate sale. I usually do not go to estate sales on the first day. I like to scoop up the half price leftovers and get the best deal. I took a chance on this one since it was on my way home from work, and their ad said they were open to “reasonable offers” on any day as they were motivated to sell. So glad I went! They really didn’t have any of the kitschy/crafty little junk I usually scavenge for, but they did have this gem:


I just couldn’t believe that no one had snatched it up yet! It had such character and potential. They had it priced at $35, but I only paid $30. Not a big difference, but I wanted to shave a little bit more off since I knew I was going to need to buy some paint. Luckily, the top tray is detachable, which made the painting process much easier. The feet were also easy to remove, so I did not have to tape off anything. Each foot has a rollerball, so that the piece can glide. I cleaned and oiled them, so they do move, just not very smoothly.



The big paint lesson I learned here was that I should have bought a cheaper can of white primer to start, then moved on to the color. Though the can did boast being paint and primer in one, I was going from black to light blue and a primer coat may have really helped save time and money. Always learning! The paint was very fast drying, which is ideal for outdoor painting since little critters can’t seem to stay away. This caterpillar was so happily nestled in, I felt bad moving him away!


I ended up spending just under $11 for three cans of Krylon “Blue Ocean Breeze” paint. I could have used more for sure, as I skipped painting the underside of the shelves in an effort to save paint. So, my grand total for the project was about $41. When compared to the Ikea cart, my vintage piece is less expensive, more interesting and unique, and an overall better fit for my space.


It is the perfect size to go in front of the window, which is something I had been hoping to find. The top comes in at sill-level,  and the height of the legs allow for the air flow from the vent. I always need more storage in my studio. I am still working on arranging items on the shelf, but I have plenty of things to choose from!




I am just so happy with how this project came together!

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