My New Favorite Room


My new favorite room isn’t actually a room at all. I’ve been hard at work decorating a formerly wasted space at my house- the front porch. Since we bought the house we talked of how nice it would be to relax on our front porch, but we have never actually spent much time out there as we had intended. I set out a couple of chairs, but it wasn’t very comfortable, or much to look at. This year it has been my goal to create a welcoming and comfortable space and I have definitely achieved that.


Our porch is as wide as our living room, with a roof over it to protect you from the elements. It just seemed silly not to be using it, but these things take time. Our year began with a very long and harsh winter, but it gave me time to hunt and squirrel away various pieces for the project. It was so hard to be patient waiting to get to planting season, and once it arrived I just went nuts. I have never had much luck with houseplants, but after successfully growing outdoor plants over the last couple seasons I felt confident enough to branch out a little more.


I created a cute little side table from a plant stand and a lazy susan.


Colanders make excellent hanging planters since they already have great drainage and are interesting to look at.


Old tins are also a favorite of mine for planting in.


Any container can become a planter.


Of course I have to add in some whimsical critters.


Some cute details were already there, such as our shutters, and this sweet little doorbell. Aged to perfection with its chippy red paint.


Things are happily blooming all over.


We are looking forward to spending the rest of the summer relaxing in our colorful new space.

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