Announcing Crafted

I am so excited to share the news with you about my latest project! Today I would like to introduce my plan for a new subscription box made especially for creative and crafty people such as yourself. It’s called Crafted.

crafted announcement

Let’s talk craft supplies. If you’ve been here before then you already know that I am all about crafting, and when it comes to craft supplies I just can’t get enough! There is just so much out there and I want to try it all! So here I am, hopping from website to website and driving to stores big and small, always on the hunt. It’s a lot of fun, but it takes time, patience, and of course planning (especially if you want to save some money.)

What if I could share my passion for crafting, shopping, and trying new products with others? I can save you the time and effort of searching for coordinating products, introduce you to some things you may not have found otherwise and most importantly, give you more time to craft! Plus, who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?!

Crafted Teaser

So, what exactly is Crafted?

Crafted is a bi-monthly subscription box, filled with cute and coordinated craft supplies, great for card making, scrapbooking, planner decorating, and other paper craft projects! The products in the box will be from an assortment of different brands, all carefully coordinated by me, making it easy to start your project. Each box will include a variety of supplies such as washi tape, stamps, ink, stickers, tools, glitter, and ephemera to name a few! I want each box to feel like you are receiving a gift from a friend, rather than just a boring bundle of the items you ordered. It should be just as fun to open your box as it will be to use the items!

You can subscribe bi-monthly, or pre-pay for 3 boxes (6months) or 6 boxes (1 year.) I will personally be crafting with each box released and sharing project inspiration with some tips and tricks on my blog. There will also be guest posts and projects from some of my very crafty friends, as well as a flickr gallery where subscribers can share their projects. I can’t wait to see what you will create!

Boxes will mail out by the 10th of every other month, starting in January. There will be 6 boxes annually, grouped as follows:


For some of you die hard crafters, 6 boxes a year might not be enough. Don’t worry! There will also be special edition kits and boxes available outside of the regular subscription lineup, as well as extra supplies available for purchase on the website. If you’re already a subscriber you can add any of these extra items to your box orders without paying for additional shipping!

To get this project up and running I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign later this month. There are going to be some great reward items for Kickstarter backers, so make sure you are following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you don’t miss the official start!

Raising funds on Kickstarter will help: 

  • Buy Shipping Supplies – I need large quantities of boxes, tissue paper, and shipping labels.
  • Purchase the Products – I want to keep each box diverse so you can try all kinds of new products. This means that I need to have wholesale accounts with a variety of companies, and each one will have a minimum amount that I need to spend to place an order.
  • Build and operate a website – I’ll be setting up a brand new website, just for Crafted, where you can order your boxes and shop for some additional items. While I plan to do most of the upkeep myself, I will still need to pay monthly for hosting.
  • Advertise/Market – I would like to do some giveaways and promos with craft bloggers to help spread the word about Crafted.
  • Cover Unforeseen Expenses – I have never started a subscription box service, and while I have done a lot of research, there may be some unexpected costs along the way.


I hope you are as excited as I am about this new project! I sincerely appreciate all of your support as we lay the foundation for this creative endeavor together. Please help me spread the word and don’t hesitate to let me know what kinds of things you would like to see in these boxes. I would love to hear from you!

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