One Swell Project

Friday Crafternoon: A little inspiration for your weekend!


This week I have been hard at work making a batch of valentines to give to my co workers. It has been ages since I handed out valentines, or even really cared much at all about the day, but working at Paper Source has really made every holiday extra fun! I love being part of a group of people who jump at any chance to celebrate and get crafty.


I started out by cutting two types of hearts with my Silhouette Cameo – one with slits for the arrow (the front) and one plain (the back.) I then ran all of the front pieces through my embossing machine with the Stitches Cover Plate from Ellen Hutson. This background die is so incredibly detailed! Then I glued the front and back together and inserted the arrows.


The featured photos were cut out of an old yearbook that was just begging to be repurposed. The hair and outfits on these boys are truly something to swoon over.


Such a dapper bunch!


I added a few enamel dots to embellish, and a little of the Ranger Glossy Accents that I mentioned last Friday. On the back I adhered a small sentiment that I typed up on my lovely vintage typewriter.



The packaging is where I had the most fun of course! I used a combination of stamps and stickers to add extra detail to these wonderful vintage envelopes. I have been hanging onto them for years just waiting for the perfect project.



I believe I only paid $1 for this wonderful old stamp set from the thrift store. Clearly it has a rich and colorful history. It’s weathered look is part of the charm. The box is quite unassuming, but the large title “PRINT SET” managed to catch my eye from its misplaced spot on the shelf of puzzles. Even more shocking – all of the letters are there!



The stickers themselves are not vintage, but are made by a company called Cavallini, which gets their artwork from items in their drool-worthy archive of vintage miscellany. They really do an amazing job. It’s almost like having the real thing!


These envelopes were too old and wonderful to ruin by sealing the flaps, so I used a little bit of bakers twine. It is the ultimate finishing touch!


And off they go to be delivered!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s project. Did you make a Valentine for anyone this year? Come back next week for another fun project!


Dress for Digging

I love estate sales. (I bet you knew that already!) I scout out the ones in old houses, with lots of mid century items. That is my jam. I stopped going to garage sales now, since they are usually small, and I don’t find much. Estate sales are big, and I almost always find something. You can’t be afraid to dig and get dirty. If you pick the big sales that are packed to the gills, you have a much better chance of finding good stuff that nobody else even knew was there! Although the sight of this may seem intimidating:

2014-04-12 10.20.10

2014-04-12 10.20.01

2014-04-12 10.19.46

2014-04-12 10.19.36.jpg


Just look at what I came out with!

2014-04-12 18.57.54

2014-04-12 18.59.27.jpg

2014-04-12 18.59.08.jpg
2014-04-12 18.58.29
2014-04-12 18.58.04

I did have to do A LOT of very heavy duty cleaning to get most of the stuff to look this good, but it was worth it!

Festive Finds

I have not posted my finds in a while! Mostly this is because I have been purchasing a lot of thrifty gifts and don’t want to ruin any surprises! I did go to an estate sale a few weeks back and got these great items:


So many fun holiday finds! The fiber glass tray and pitcher are the highlight for me. I spent quite a while digging through boxes at this one, those are the best sales. How cute is this guy!?


I have still been crafting like a mad woman to get ready for the holiday rush. Today really kicks off the shopping season, but I already have so many presents bought and wrapped. I like having them done early so I can put them under the tree. Bonus decorations! This will be our first official Christmas in our new home, so many fun firsts this past year!