Announcing Crafted

I am so excited to share the news with you about my latest project! Today I would like to introduce my plan for a new subscription box made especially for creative and crafty people such as yourself. It’s called Crafted.

crafted announcement

Let’s talk craft supplies. If you’ve been here before then you already know that I am all about crafting, and when it comes to craft supplies I just can’t get enough! There is just so much out there and I want to try it all! So here I am, hopping from website to website and driving to stores big and small, always on the hunt. It’s a lot of fun, but it takes time, patience, and of course planning (especially if you want to save some money.)

What if I could share my passion for crafting, shopping, and trying new products with others? I can save you the time and effort of searching for coordinating products, introduce you to some things you may not have found otherwise and most importantly, give you more time to craft! Plus, who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?!

Crafted Teaser

So, what exactly is Crafted?

Crafted is a bi-monthly subscription box, filled with cute and coordinated craft supplies, great for card making, scrapbooking, planner decorating, and other paper craft projects! The products in the box will be from an assortment of different brands, all carefully coordinated by me, making it easy to start your project. Each box will include a variety of supplies such as washi tape, stamps, ink, stickers, tools, glitter, and ephemera to name a few! I want each box to feel like you are receiving a gift from a friend, rather than just a boring bundle of the items you ordered. It should be just as fun to open your box as it will be to use the items!

You can subscribe bi-monthly, or pre-pay for 3 boxes (6months) or 6 boxes (1 year.) I will personally be crafting with each box released and sharing project inspiration with some tips and tricks on my blog. There will also be guest posts and projects from some of my very crafty friends, as well as a flickr gallery where subscribers can share their projects. I can’t wait to see what you will create!

Boxes will mail out by the 10th of every other month, starting in January. There will be 6 boxes annually, grouped as follows:


For some of you die hard crafters, 6 boxes a year might not be enough. Don’t worry! There will also be special edition kits and boxes available outside of the regular subscription lineup, as well as extra supplies available for purchase on the website. If you’re already a subscriber you can add any of these extra items to your box orders without paying for additional shipping!

To get this project up and running I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign later this month. There are going to be some great reward items for Kickstarter backers, so make sure you are following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you don’t miss the official start!

Raising funds on Kickstarter will help: 

  • Buy Shipping Supplies – I need large quantities of boxes, tissue paper, and shipping labels.
  • Purchase the Products – I want to keep each box diverse so you can try all kinds of new products. This means that I need to have wholesale accounts with a variety of companies, and each one will have a minimum amount that I need to spend to place an order.
  • Build and operate a website – I’ll be setting up a brand new website, just for Crafted, where you can order your boxes and shop for some additional items. While I plan to do most of the upkeep myself, I will still need to pay monthly for hosting.
  • Advertise/Market – I would like to do some giveaways and promos with craft bloggers to help spread the word about Crafted.
  • Cover Unforeseen Expenses – I have never started a subscription box service, and while I have done a lot of research, there may be some unexpected costs along the way.


I hope you are as excited as I am about this new project! I sincerely appreciate all of your support as we lay the foundation for this creative endeavor together. Please help me spread the word and don’t hesitate to let me know what kinds of things you would like to see in these boxes. I would love to hear from you!

Fun With Vellum

Friday Crafternoon: A little inspiration for your weekend!

This week I’ve been playing with vellum. I’ve always loved the affect this material gives when layered over something, however I rarely incorporate it into my projects. It turns out that the Silhouette Cameo is very good at cutting vellum, so I’ve just been going to town making some really fun stuff! I hope you like it!

I started with an experiment to make envelopes, and after a few prototypes I came up with two different sizes – mini and itty-bitty.


The itty-bitty are just the perfect size for my little flamingo die cuts. Adding some sequins turns these envelopes into a fun little shaker!



To make these envelopes, I cut a flat shape, then use a cardboard template and a bone folder to fold the flaps in.





A little double sided tape on the flaps, and there you have it!


These envelopes are great for making a memorable business card presentation, or a fun way to give a gift card. I used a bit of fun washi tape on the back for easy opening and extra decoration.



As if the endless possibilities for the plain envelopes wasn’t enough, vellum comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. How sweet is that polka dot one!?


To fill in the negative space on my sheet when cutting I added some other fun shapes such as startburst medallions and flag tags. Both of these shapes combine well with a paper rosette and button.


The vellum tags can be used by themselves, or layered with some cardstock. I used a simple eyelet to attach the two layers. Some of these items will probably be finding their way into my Etsy shop soon!


What would you put in a vellum envelope?

Tell Me About Your Mother

Friday Crafternoon: A little inspiration for your weekend!

Today I finished up a shadowbox project that has been bouncing around in my head for a while. I have an ever growing collection of old photographs, which started somewhat by accident. Now I am always on the hunt for them! It’s fun to peek into their lives and imagine their stories. This particular photo came with no name, no date, just a simple “40 years” written in pencil on the back.


In this photo centric age it is hard to remember a time when taking a photo meant something different. Now we can take take unlimited photos, see them, edit them, and print them right away, but I remember dropping off film, waiting, and being filled with excitement picking up my little packet of photos and hoping they turned out well. I definitely prefer the way things are now, but there is something to be said for these un-edited snapshots.


I’ve been incorporating crepe paper into a few projects lately. I like to buy streamers since the paper is already cut to a manageable size for my tiny projects. To get the ruffles I sewed down the center of the strip, gathering as I went with the tension setting very loose. After I began to lay out the ruffles I realized that they echo the shape of her apron hem. It must have been a subconscious influence!


I stacked two foam squares to get extra dimension and leave room for the ruffles.


I wanted to add some shimmer to the doily peeking out from the top, so I turned to my Heidi Swapp Color Shine. I covered the entire doily and let it dry over night. It is so subtle, you can’t even tell in the photos.


Of course I added in some washi and sequins, because I just can’t get enough! And yes, those are vintage barber scissors. I found them at the thrift store and they cut better than most crafting scissors I have tried. All metal, made in Germany, and still sharp.



A lot of my work is inspired by mothers. In college, my senior thesis exhibition was entirely focused on the subject. You may not have known your mother, or your grandmother, or her mother, but there is a story, there is a history. We all have a mother, and even though we may generalize or stereotype the role of “Mom” each of our experiences is unique. For better or for worse, they are who they are and it shapes who we are.


Now, I don’t mean to downplay the importance of fathers. I was equally nurtured and supported by both of my parents, and I certainly take after both of them. My father always spoke fondly about his Grandmother and told me what a talented artist she was. I was given my middle name, Elizabeth, after her but perhaps that isn’t the only part of her that was passed on to me. My creativity and passion for crafting is a huge part of who I am, and that I attribute to my mother. As far back as I can remember we were crafters. If we saw something we liked, we would try figure out how to make it. If I showed interest in something she was doing, she would teach me to do it too. Not even out of necessity, but because we shared a passion for making things. I don’t ever remember being told I was too young to learn anything. I watched her constantly trying new things and teaching herself as she went and I adopted that practice as I got older.


I am not a mother, but I still carry the legacy of all the women who came before me, not only in this family but in all of my life. Who was this woman? I may never know, but imagining her story becomes a mirror in which I reflect on my own story. What women have influenced you the most? I would love to hear your stories!

Featuring Yours Truly

Cheshire Kat 1.jpg

Four years ago I bought my wedding dress from a fantastic retailer called Unique Vintage, and now I am honored to be a featured artist on their blog. I have been selected as the first winner of the Great Create, a monthly contest they are running this year to promote independent designers, crafters, and artists. All of the fabulous photos used in the feature were taken by my very talented neighbor. Hop on over to their page and check out the interview, and if you’re in the market for a new spring wardrobe, be sure to browse their main website,, for some amazing clothing and accessories!

My Holiday Home 2014


I love to decorate, but decorating for Christmas is by far my favorite. Each year I find myself eager for Halloween to be over so that the store shelves can begin their glittery transformation into holiday wonderland. I was especially excited for this year because we decided to splurge a bit on a brand new artificial tree. After a few years of struggling with our other tree, which turned out to be a bit of a dud from the start, I was finally ready to throw in the towel. I didn’t even take pictures of the tree for last year’s post because I was so disappointed with how it looked. I set my sights on a champagne colored tree, though I was skeptical that my husband would share my vision for such a sparkly and non-traditional tree. To my surprise he liked the idea. We have a small, fairly dark living room and a large dark green object made it feel smaller. We hoped that maybe a champagne tree would brighten things up a bit, and by golly it does just that!



I try to keep the holiday decor contained to two zones: kitchen and living room, just to make it easier on myself (and those living here!) Let’s start with the living room. The wreath that I made last year has survived it’s first year of storage. (Whew!) This is probably my hardest piece to store because of the shape and extremely delicate nature of it. A few pieces did pop off, but I wasn’t quite finished filling in all the gaps with tiny ornaments after last year, so I just re-glued all the loose bits as I finished it up. Now it is nice and full.



Mr. Rabbit has donned his festive chapeau once again.


Kitschy holiday knick-knacks abound everywhere you look.







But the star of the show is the tree. I am just over the moon about it! My collection of vintage blown glass ornaments looks absolutely perfect among the shiny tinsel branches, and the tree itself even looks vintage. I did consider getting an actual vintage aluminum tree, but it is much harder to find the size and shape you want, and many of them cannot be strung with lights.






I find myself not wanting to leave the room at night to go to bed. I just want to stay curled up on the sofa staring at the beautiful glowing tree and basking in my own little Christmas wonderland.




Ahhh… Now, onto the kitchen!


One advantage of having a mostly red and green kitchen year-round is that it easily transforms into a Christmas themed kitchen!



Once again, kitschy knick-knacks abound.













Even the top of the refrigerator is festive.


I’d like to give a special thanks to June, the amazing photo-boming dog, for once again inserting herself into the scene. Where will she show up next? Who knows!


Thanks for stopping by for another little peek into my life. Happy Holidays!